Summer’s Golden Finale – Canal Trip

At the end of August, as the weather began to grow milder and the clouds crept back into the frame, the summer sunshine glinted through the trees and shimmered on the water, dancing a final farewell. The golden light softly glinted on our beautiful barge, and lead us on our way as we travelled down the Grand Union Canal peacefully, meeting some tranquil wildlife along the way. I hope you enjoy these photographs!


Children of the Forest

“We are spirits whose love is boundless. We shoot past the stars towards the abyss and into the oblivion without wondering or waking from the dream that we are entangled in, twisting and writhing without a care or a cause. This world is big and we are swimming in it, weightless and full of hope higher than the steep craggy mountain of struggle that lies before us. We wait and wonder, we grow taller, our eyes grew wider, our hands reached for the grass beneath us. We taste the soil and scrape our palms on tree trunks. We crow and croon and shout and stomp. We are born from the bark, we are the children of the forest.”

By Elysia Allsopp